6 Steps To Be More Intentional In Your Business

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Hey guys, it’s Wes Gaddis from wesgaddis.com. What I want to share with you today, tonight or this morning, whatever time it is, where you are here are six tips that you can use to become more intentional in your business. I’ve got my trusty little notes right here, so let’s get started.


Simple Business Plan Example

Step 1 –  Concentration


Tip number one is concentrate on one thing at a time. No multitasking, it doesn’t work. The brain can only process one thing at a time. No matter what people say, they might say they’re great multitaskers, but no, their brain can only process one bit of information at a time. It doesn’t have the ability to multitask. So concentrate on one task at a time. That way you get it done right in the time you need to get it done in, and then you can move on to the other one, get it done right.


Step 2 –  Income Producing Activites


Two, do your income producing activities first thing in the morning. What I mean by that is you want to wake up and get a full day of work, don’t put it off and saying, “Oh, I’ll do it this evening when I get in from work.” Because when you get in from work, you’ll have to fix dinner, eat dinner, take care of the kids, get them bathed, get them in bed, and by that time you’re tired. So if you have to, wake up an hour early and just make sure that’s the first thing you do in the morning. Get your cup of coffee, sit down, get those IPAs, income producing activities done.


Step 3 – Consistency


Three, focus on consistency, doing the things you need to get done every day without letting a day miss. Because trust me, it’s easy to get out of whack and skip a day, and then it’s easier to skip another day. But if you get on schedule and you do it every day, it becomes ingrained into your mindset that, “Hey, there’s something I need to be doing right now today.” Once that happens, it’s like clockwork. You won’t go a day without doing what it is you need to be doing to build your business.


Step 4 – Know Your Numbers know your numbers


Number four, have base numbers in your income producing activities. What I mean by this is have a minimum set of numbers that you are going to accomplish on any day, no matter what the day brings to you. You will sit down, you will do these numbers. By minimum I mean, so you’re going to prospect three people. You’re going to follow up with three people and you might ask one person for a referral. That would be your minimum. Of course the reaching up to the top of the sky, you’d be wanting to prospect 30 people, following up with 30 people, and asking 10 people for a referral. You set that minimum low so no matter what kind of day you’re having, busy day with the kids, you’re sick, not feeling good, whatever it is, at least you can meet that minimum. [inaudible 00:04:15] the brain does when you accomplish a goal, even if it’s at the minimum level, it releases some hormones, pheromones, whatever, but your body will react to that. So set it where you can meet that goal.


Step 5 – Dedicated Time Frame


five, set a specific hour of the day that you’re going to do your work for your business, work your power hour. You should have it set up where you can build your business in one hour a day. So you put it on the calendar, let your husband know, or your wife know, your kids know that from 6:00 to 7:00 PM or whatever it is, even though you are at home, you’re not available. For 60 minutes you concentrate on nothing but building your business.


Step 6 – Use a Timer

6 steps to be more intentional in your business

And number six, use a timer. You should have it broke down into 15 minute segments. You set that timer for the first 15 minutes you’re doing nothing but prospecting. When that buzzer goes off, boom, you stop prospecting no matter how many you’ve got or anything like that, then you move on to the next step in your game plan. Whatever it is, you’ve got set up for you, you stop after that 15 minutes, reset the timer. So for 15 more, work on the next activity for 15 more, then work on the next activity 15 more.


You want to try to get better every day, your efficiency. So with those 15 minutes, you’re able to reach out to more people, follow up with more people, educate more people, and close more people. All within one hour, it shouldn’t take you more than one hour a day to build your business.


I’ve got four other tips I’d gladly share with you, but to get those, you’re going to shoot me a private message. Let me know, and I will get those to you. So God bless, have a great day, and I look forward to hearing from you. But for now don’t hesitate, get started, get going. You got this.

  1. Iheanacho David
    Iheanacho David
    June 6, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks for this article. I’m sure after today I’ll see changes from applying them. I have the issue with multitasking and I discovered it slows me down and I end up messing things up also I have issues with dedicating a particular time my work and most times I end up achieving little at the end of the day. Tomorrow I’m getting a timer to place on my work station. I’ll make sure to share this with my friends. Thank you!

  2. Skuchmane
    June 7, 2020 at 12:01 am

    hellooo dear, wow nice post you have here, i was actually doing some research online when i saw these post, it really has bbeen usefull, i realluy do fancy your post alot, i am a big fan of your page,i believe these is exactly what i need to take my business to the next level so as to get more people on my channel thanks alot for the info ill surely do some recommendations, thanks alot for such an amazing info

  3. evans
    June 7, 2020 at 12:01 am

    so thoughtful of you to share such an amazing review on six steps to be more intentional in your business running a business requires a lot of steps which would lead you to attending your goes.. this article has proven to be useful in providing you with such business steps I hope you find it  informative…

    thanks for sharing such a lovely review

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    June 7, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Thanks for discussing this topic and exposing these six steps for free. This means a lot to me. I am grooming myself to become a decent business man and I am building a blog and looking for ways to drive huge organic traffic to the blog so I am interested in discussing issues such as these because it will help me very much on the long run. Such knowledge will make me know the pitfalls in my business and how I can avoid them. Thanks for sharing this insightful article. 

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    June 7, 2020 at 12:04 am

    Heloooo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educational piece on the topic titled; 6 steps to be more intentional in your business. It does really pays to be intentional. Anyways really find these steps amazing and interesting, I’d well adhered to they willl really yield great results. Thanks for sharing, 

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