Businesses for Under 500 Dollars

Businesses For Under 500 Dollars


There are several businesses you can start for under 500 dollars.  Unlike franchises like Dominoes or Mc Donalds that require liquid capital of 250k to over 1 million to just start cooking.  You can have your own successful business for under $500.   I will share some with you today.

Lawn care

businesses for under 500 dollars
businesses for under 500 dollars

The main cost will be for your equipment.  Buying a lawn mower will set you back a couple hundred bucks and a weed eater will too.  This is a business that will require you to either get out and knock on doors or ask your friends and family for referalls.  The beauty of this is you can do this in your spare time but will require a lot of sweat equity.   This one of the jobs that many teenagers start out with.   However, a lot of adults do this as well as a second form of income.

The downside is this is very much a seasonal job by nature (no pun intended).  But it is a great way to earn some cash to allow you to grow any other business you may wish to start.

Working for a rideshare company

As long as you own a reliable and clean vehicle you should be able to sign up for one of the rideshare or food delivery companies.   You can also choose your own hours and work around your normal job schedule.

But when people are not able to get out and about your income will drop.  Plus you are putting wear and tear on your vehicle for very little compensation.  Again it can fill in some gaps in your budget or allow you to grow a seed for a business that is more family friendly.   You are limited by the customers you serve.

Affiliate marketing at Home

Let me explain what affiliate marketing is to those who may not be familiar with the term.  An affiliate marketer drives traffic (visitors) to a company.  When a person buys a product or service through the affiliate marketers website link.  The affiate marketer earns a commission.

The upside is that this can be done year round.   It is not weather dependent and can be done from home.  However with most affiliate programs (there are a few exceptions) you only get paid on the first sale.  So if the person you refered buys month after month you will only get paid on their first purchase.

Like I said there are a few affiliate marketing companies that offer residual payments (meaning you get paid everymonth the person you referred continues to purchase products.

Affiliate marketing is typically a solo profession.  Meaning you are doing all the work yourself.  You have to learn how to drive traffic to the company you represent in order to earn money.  The cost involved will be for training which is around $50 per month depending on the training platform, your website for creating content to drive visitors to your affiliate links.

To be a successful affiliate marketer you have to commit to it for a long time before seeing any results.

***Warning****  Do not buy traffic or leads for your business.   The best option is to create the content that will drive free quality traffic to your website.  Trust me I know from experince.  The only paid advertising you should consider is from websites such as google.  Do not pay for traffic until your website is driving free traffic and you have converting sales.

Never spend money until you put in the work first.

businesses for under 500 dollars
businesses for under 500 dollars

Let’s Talk about Network Marketing

Network marketing is just that.  You are building a network and marketing to them.  Network marketing is one of the easiest to start having success with faster.   You are simply sharing products or services that you use or like.   With network marketing you also get paid every month on what the customer buys.  As long as they keep buying products or service you get paid.  So do the work once and get paid for a very long time.

Also with network marketing you can get paid on several levels below you.   So if you sign up 5 people and they each sign up 5 people that is 30 people you can earn money off of.   Every companies compensation plan varies.  So for simplicity I kept it simple.

You still will need training to succeed in network marketing.  Some companies offer free training and others not so much.  I have been with 5 different network marketing companies until I found my home company.   In network marketing you do not need to build a website in order to drive traffic.

Social media is a great tool that many companies are embrassing to build their business.  Why it is free and the number of people on social media is mind blowing.   There is a right way and a wrong way to use social media to build your business.  Do not post your links or message people with your links.

That is a great way to make people made and they will report you.  If the platforms do not cancel your accounts in the first place.

Network marketing is a great place for people who want to build a business for under 500 dollars.

*Key note*  Some network marketing companies will allow you to will the business you build to your children.  So it is a great way to build a business that will pay not only you but also your childrens children.  My company does ( that was a key reason I joined them, not to mention the free training and coaching).

What have we learned

There are several ways you can start a business with less than $500.  Some like cutting lawns require sweat and are seasonal in nature.  Driving for a rideshare or food delivery is a year round option.  But you put wear and tear on your car and still are away from home.

Affiliate marketing is a way you can work from home but it takes longer usually to start making money.  You have to buy training, build a website, create content and are reliant on the search engines to send traffic to your website.

In my opinion network marketing is a better way to build a business when you are on a budget.  Most companies provide some training (my team provides training daily and would cost you over $12k if you bought it seperately).

With network marketing you do not need to build a website.  Most successful marketers use social media to reach out to new customers and potential teammates.

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