How To Find Friends On Facebook

How To Find Friends On Facebook Many network marketers are asking the same question, how to find friends on Facebook. Because that is an important step to growing your audience. First you must clean up our timeline, start adding some quality posts to our timeline (1 or 2 post a day tops and 5 or […]

How To Make A Facebook Page For A Business

How to make a Facebook page for a business   How to make a Facebook page for a business.  You’ve decided your business needs a Facebook. Well, let me tell you this. By the time we’re done today, you’ll know how to set up a Facebook business page. Having your own Facebook page is a great […]

How To Build A Rapport – The Basics

The Basics of How to Build a Rapport Social contacts today have become more important than ever before, so it can pay off handsomely if a person knows how to build a rapport with others. There are many different ways to accomplish that goal, but not all of them are easy. Some take a great […]

Simple Business Plan Example

Simple Business Plan Example   Anyone in business knows they need to have a business plan.  It does not or should not be complicated.  The simpler you keep your plan the more likely you will be able to stick to it.  I am going to share with you a simple business plan example.  You can […]