How To Build A Rapport – The Basics

The Basics of How to Build a Rapport

Social contacts today have become more important than ever before, so it can pay off handsomely if a person knows how to build a rapport with others. There are many different ways to accomplish that goal, but not all of them are easy. Some take a great deal of time, but others are about paying attention to the details. It can be about getting in-depth with another person, or it can be as simple as understanding or listening to issues from their point of view. The ability to establish this type of connection with another person is not something people are necessarily born with, and it can be easily learned and applied to almost any social situation.


How to build a rapport


Getting Started

how to build a rapport
how to build a rapport


Making a connection with another person can be difficult, and those who are shy might find it a time when they are struggling. Getting started on building a rapport with another person is not something that requires a brilliant opening. The most innocuous comment can actually be the best way to start off, so talking about things like the weather or any other neutral subject can be helpful. The object is to have a comment that will invite the other person to respond, and itshould be as neutral as possible.

Those looking for witty repartee will often find it is negating their efforts.

If this type of opening is given by another person, making a neutral response is acceptable. It is a way to make a simple but sincere connection between two people, so being able to bat even a neutral topic between them is what is needed. Finding further comments to make on that subject or another topic should get the conversation rolling to create the initial feeling of rapport, and it can be continued in the same manner until both feel comfortable.


Body Cues for Beginners


There are many different cultures where body language is an integral part of human conversation, and building a rapport can be enhanced easily by knowing how it works. There are standard ways to make people feel they are part of a conversation, and using them can help ease the situation. Making the other person feel comfortable is what matters most, so taking the time to relax them without words can be an effective approach.

Mirroring another persons behavior is one way to establish a bond that can turn into a rapport, and it is easily done. If the other person looks directly at whomever they are speaking with, that person should return their look. Eye contact is a basic ingredient of communication, but there are other means. Hand motions and ways of standing are also forms of mirroring that can be a part of getting a deeper contact with another person started.

Looking interested in the other person is one more way to use body language. Leaning forward to hear another persons speech might seem to be the object, but that lean can lead the other person to subconsciously feel the attention they are receiving is more intense, and it can help them feel a greater connection.


Skip the Interrogation


Meeting another person in any situation means two people often know almost nothing about each other, and they ask questions to receive information. This is a standard form of contact, and it can be the beginning of building a good rapport. For those who are very curious, reining in their own questions could be a good plan. They might want to know everything, but they should skip the interrogation before the other person feels like they are on trial. Asking a question and allowing the other person to do the same will work much better.

Keeping questions neutral at first is another good approach, and it might lead to more information being delivered faster. Many people choose to move away from an interrogator, but they are attracted to someone interested in hearing about them. Giving them an opportunity to talk about their own life is part of learning, and leaning forward to hear the answers is a good way to begin bonding.


Remain Neutral


There have been plenty of people wondering why they have an issue with building a rapport across social lines and boundaries, and it is often due to the fact they are eager to share their opinions on even the most controversial subjects. It is important to remain neutral until finding out how a person feels about controversial issues, but it should not mean being run over by someone who believes their opinions matter more.


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