How To Create A Free Website To Blog

how to create a free website to blog

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Hey, guys, it’s Wes from, what I come to you today with it is to show you how to make a free website to blog. Whether that’s for your own personal use for business or whatever in the description below, I will post a link to this exact article here that will show you the steps that you need to take as well as I’m going to walk through it.

To make your own free website click the link in the below, come over here, click join now.

Fill in your information and like it says, no credit card required. For your starter package. OK, so then you’ll go to your cow.

All right.

So I’m already.

A member, so I’m going to exit out of there.

Come over here.

After you fill out, you want to fill out your profile.

Completely put a picture up picture and fill out your profile completely. That’s the first thing you want to do. And then you’ll click you can click on this training package for the starter. Then you get ten classes of the online certification as well as 10 of the boot camp. Wealthy Affiliate University will show you today as a quick way to get a free website set up for blogging. OK, so you see over here, I got my picture, all this stuff, dashboard training, you’ll click on websites. Then over here, you have a lot of information. But what you’ll want to click on is site builder. As a free member, you can create two websites as a premium member. I think it’s like twenty five. So but what you want to you want to click on this free domain?

And let’s see, I’m just going to guess what the. Want to do?

Dog eat dog world. So that’s available.

And now lets make a dog eat dog world website.

Just keeping it basic real fast. I’m just going to use a simple theme.

Choose a theme and go over here, here’s your URL of my new site.

Click, build my site, hold tight, or building you something amazing. And you’ll see how fast it is.

It’s doing everything in the background.

That is 100 percent awesome.

OK, so benefits plus sites, the Google really wants Web sites that load fast secure, you have the https means everything is encrypted. So, for example, a quick tip.

If you go to a Web site and you’re trying to send money and you do not see this s on the end of the HTTP do not send it on their side.

Basically, HTTP stands for hyper text protocol. And you also have Siteprotect, which is a built in spam spam blocker. OK.

And you have a site, health comments, feedback site security, I have all these because I am a premium member, you will not, as a free member, have option to these down here, OK? So if you want these, you have to be a premium, but go on the free route. Once you have your account you can Log In now, this will take me to my word press. BackOffice.

I’m going to do a quick post three hover over post and new. All right, show you how simple it is. All right, jumpinJack Flash.

There you can see this is my domain.

All right.

Jumpin Jack Flash John’s.

Are the media. Go to the media library.

Didn’t really have anything to do with it, but, hey, then you see it’s uploading. You want to put at least one image and each.

Of your post.

And I’ll show you with this something else you want to do, but of course, you can learn this in the training that Carl and Carson have for us here at W, a wealthy affiliate, also known as well, the affiliate university. And believe it or not, a full year of the training cost less than a credit hour at your local university

So my title was Jumpin Jack Flash.

So that’s my key word, you want to put that into the text? Would also be better if you had it as your image files, just some tips, so you what that looks like it’s going to do a quick publish because we have a lot more training and I don’t feel like recreating the will. Then I’ll go over once it’s done. Gets it kind of do new spinny thing up top or quits doing that, I’ll quit the post and show you.

Mark. You don’t have to know HTML Java or anything. Jumpin Jack Flash, there’s the pitcher ready for combat, so click the link below in the description. Get your two free websites built today.

Thanks. God bless. Have a great day. It’s Wes Gaddis from Wes

Click here for your two free websites and awesome training

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