How To Create A Website Business

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How To Create A Website Business


Today more than ever people are asking how to create a website business.  It is easier than you may think.  There are a few points you need to understand about building a website business.  First is you need to have a niche, create content, drive traffic to your website and the last piece is to earn revenue.  Do not worry I will explain each component below.


How to create a website businesss


Choosing A Niche


how to create a website business
How To Create A Website Business


You may be asking yourself what is a niche.  It is simply the topic you want to cover.  Some niche’s are pets, health and wellness,  camping and many many others.  So how do you choose your niche.  That is simple you want to choose a niche that you know about and enjoy.  When choosing a niche think about your hobbies.  You will want to enjoy the niche you are in because you will be writing content around that topic.  So if it is something you enjoy it will not be work but will be a joy sharing something you love to talk about.

Your niche will be what you build your website around.  It is best to concentrate on one niche per website.  When someone comes to your website you want them to be able and tell what your website is about.

The best way to choose a niche is to write down all your hobbies.  Then for each one write down every topic you know about that hobby.  Again the hobby you choose will be what niche you build your website around.  So choose won you already know a lot about or one you want to learn about.

Google and Bing are great resources for learning more about any topic.


Writing Content


how to create a website business
How To Create A Website Business

When it comes to writing content for your website you will base each article/post around one keyword.  If your niche is about fly fishing one keyword could be “how to tie a fly”.  A keyword is what people type in to the search bar.  Keywords are the starting point of all the content you will write about.

When you write the content for your website it needs to have the following structure.  It needs to be a minimum of 1000 words.  It needs to be broken down into 5 or 6 subheadings and needs to include at least 10 or more paragraphs.

Do not let the structure needed scare you.  As you compose more and more content it will get easier and easier.  When writing your content it needs to be written as if you were talking to a friend.


Driving Traffic To Your Website


how to create a website business
How To Create A Website Business

There are several ways to drive traffic (visitors) to your website.  They are via SEO (search engine 0ptimization), paid advertising (pay per click), social media,  email marketing and a few others.

But the best way to start is with SEO.  Why seo traffic is driven from the keywords and content your create.  Plus it is free traffic.  It is not recommended you use paid advertising until you are earning income from the content you create and is ranking in the search engines.  Do not worry I will share a resource I use to learn about seo and content driven traffic at the end of the post :).

The simple formula for traffic is Keyword based content ranks in google,  people search for your keyword, visit your webpage, gain value from your content and then purchase a product and you earn money.



Earning Revenue

how to create a website business
How To Create A Website Business


Earning revenue is the last step in the process.  To many put revenue first.  It is the last thing you want to consider.  You will earn money on the value you provide people through your content.  Earning revenue will require you to first build your audience, second engage your audience and lastly sell (serve) your audience.

You will build your audience, engage your audience and serve them in every piece of content you create.  There are several ways you can earn revenue on a website.  The most common is through affiliate marketing.   There are affiliate programs you can join in every niche known to man.  You can also earn revenue from the search engines themselves by hosting advertising on your website.  You could also create your own physical or digital product and sell it to your audience.

But first you have to create content that drives traffic to your site in order to be able to earn revenue.


The Basics of Building A Website Business




A website business consists of  a niche(hobby or topic you enjoy), content,  website visitors (traffic) and earning revenue.  Remember the niche needs to be something you already enjoy or one you want to learn about.  Create content around keywords.  Drive content to your website via the content you create.  Provide value to your audience.  Help them with a problem (teach them something they want to learn about).  Then last but not least is to sell (serve) to your audience and you will earn income in the process.

I was just like you just a very short time ago.  I was looking for a way to start a home business.  I had no clue how to go about it.  Luckily I found a community of people who cared about my success.  They provided me with the knowledge and skillset to create something special.

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Imagine the freedom and possibilities of being your own boss and only having to work a few hours a day to earn more than a fulltime income.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on the best journey of your life.

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