How To Find Friends On Facebook

How To Find Friends On Facebook

Many network marketers are asking the same question, how to find friends on Facebook. Because that is an important step to growing your audience. First you must clean up our timeline, start adding some quality posts to our timeline (1 or 2 post a day tops and 5 or 6 Facebook stories a day and do 1 Facebook Live a week). Now, let’s start building our network, building our audience here, building our network of connections. So let us go through the process here, a few different ideas of where we can find some friends.


How to build a rapport

Where To Look For Potential Friends


Okay. First of all, you can go on to big people’s sites. For example, an industry leader Ray Higdon, very popular gentlemen in the industry. Very easily, you can go in and, A) get involved in conversations. That’s one way people are going to friend you and check somebody out. You can follow people and a lot of times, they will friend you, or they’ll at least, be checking you out and that is what you want to do. Or you can send her a friend request. Facebook like most social media platforms is a machine of reciprocity.


First message on Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is a great place to build rapport.  Now, let’s send a message. Now I’m going to check the person out. You want to look for things you may have in common on their personal profile. Your not going to write a whole paragraph here kind of thing, so your just making the connection. It’d probably be great to connect. Introduce Yourself. You guys live, right? So you’re just making a connection. You never know where these relationships are going to happen. They could say “Hey, what is your business opportunity? I’m looking for one” right? You never know. So going back to, you can follow people. Let’s go back to Ray’s. Getting involved in conversations and you’re getting people to know and like you right away, you build rapport with people and that’s a great way to meet people in these groups.


Facebook Groups To Network In

how to find friends on facebook

Another thing you can do is there are actual networking groups on Facebook and I’m talking about groups of people who understand this industry is about networking and relationship building. So you can just go in your search bar and search for them. Most of the time you’re going to come up with the spammy groups. I know a lot of people,they’ll friend people in the really spammy groups. I personally find these are usually not the people have the right mindset. They’re not actually looking to network. They’re posting in these groups. They think they’re going to be successful, they’re still in that stage where they think they’re going to make a bunch of money by dropping their links. So thank you for Dad Entrepreneurs. For example, let me go to this one, cause I am a member of this one. This group tends to do more networking between the people. They allow you to post your link on Monday in the comments of a promote your business post. The rest of the time we have people who actually understand the concept of networking.


So take some time, join some actual networking groups. I find they’re better quality prospects than in these spammy networking groups. Otherwise, you can cruise through their timeline and check people out again. That’s a good chance they going to send me a friend request. I could get involved in the conversation, respond to what they are saying “Oh my gosh, You’re so right. I totally agree with you”. If you do, Always be genuine, because people know if you’re not being genuine. And then you can say “Hey, Tom, let’s connect. And I see you’re in the industry. You’re Oh my gosh, you live in the same country, city” wherever. Find something on their timeline to connect about.


The Right Way To and Build Rapport


For example, what would I say to this guy? Let’s see, lets check him out. So if I wanted to connect with him lets see, he’s a health and wellness and he’s from Colorado. He’s in Denver. I’m southwest Colorado. I could connect with her right there. “Hey Tom”, “hey, fellow Coloradan”, “So great to meet you, I see you’re in the industry” trying to think what, what is this? I go through timelines, Turkish coffee. There you go, I make a comment on that, I absolutely love Turkish coffee.” Hey, fellow Coloradan I just saw your video on Turkish coffee”, That kind of thing. When this person knows that you’ve taken the time to write an original message. Something only for them, that builds a rapport and if you can find something on their timeline that they look to be passionate about. They’ve got dogs all over their timeline. You obviously know they love dogs, you can comment on that. You know, in their cover photo, they’ve got dogs “oh my gosh, your dogs are absolutely adorable. I have a blue healer, blah, blah, blah” that builds rapport crazy fast.


The Wrong Way to Message and Not Build Rapport


Do not go in with “Hey, how are you currently doing generating leads online?” Or “Hey, are you currently earning the kind of income you would like to be fine?”, Don’t do it. You’re wasting time, you could talk to about 1000 people doing that and sign up 1. But when you take the time to build rapport with people, you can talk to 10 people and sign up 3, what sounds more appealing. You want to talk to a 1000 people or 10?. Take the time to learn about people absolutely. Here’s the thing too. When you are putting out a lot of valuable content, start to get friend requested like crazy now to the point where you will rarely go and friend people, because you will have so many friend requests coming in because of the content that you put out, in all the videos and post. So people get to know that they can trust me. When they feel like they know you, that’s a whole different ball game, whole different ball game.


So go into groups, networking groups, go on to other people’s pages, get involved in conversations. You can follow people. They’ll either follow you back usually or send you a friend request. Just friend request people you would actually like to be friends with, that look interesting, that look like you have stuff in common, that looked like they’re in the industry. That’s basically how I have done it. You definitely want to check out their timeline, If it’s somebody who only has gaming stuff on their timeline and they haven’t posted in 4 months. Don’t bother, you’ll be wasting your time. You need to see that they’re active.


So let me ask a question here, just to give people an idea of how long should this take? You’re talking about adding five to 10 new friends per day, how long should it take to find and add five to 10 people per day?


Well, once you kind of know what you’re looking for, you can nail that down and make 10 new friends in about 10 minutes.


And for the new person? Cause I know that a lot of people, a lot of new people are probably going to be hesitant. “I’m trying to look for the perfect person. I don’t know if I should add this person. Should I add that person?” And I could see this turning into like 2 hours and they still only added five friends.


Actually, I take that back. I’m going to say not 10 minutes because I’m going to take the time to learn about them and send them a personal message. But once you get good at scoping people out, for example, you’re going to get a lot of friend requests, people who just, Oh, actually, you know, I’m not going to accept this person’s friend request, who don’t speak the same language, live some where the cost of your product or service is more than they make in a month. You know, you need to screen people very well. You’re going to get friend requests from people from other countries who don’t speak the language, who are looking for money, who are looking for you to marry them and bring them into the country. I know you have gotten these friends request before. I get them everyday.


Otherwise you get a vibe from people by their timeline, just be smart about it. And you know, and if it goes awry, if they start hitting you up or start saying weird things you can simply unfriend them. I was much less critical who I friended in the beginning, because for me it started out to be a bit of a numbers thing. But if you’re looking for people, you can actually find something in common with it’s going to make the whole process of building that rapport much quicker, much quicker.


So For a new person, give yourself an hour time limit, to add your 10 to 15 friends or so. And to push yourself to hit that in an hour. If you, yourself are spending more than an hour, adding 10 friends, you’re obviously doing something wrong, do you think that would be correct to say?


Then you’re possibly being too critical or you’re looking in the wrong places. That could happen If you’re looking in these spamming networking groups… That could take forever to find a quality prospect. I got a friend request from this gal. So I’m looking at her timeline, she’s got a nice picture of herself. She doesn’t have her company stuff. We’ll actually sometimes when they have their company all over the place, then you know, they’re a good prospect. She’s obviously in makeup, she’s a younique presenter. This is somebody I would accept a friend request from, She’s in the home business industry, She looks like a nice person. I will be accepting this girl’s friend request and reaching out to her, Absolutely.


Okay.I think we’ve covered enough on the adding friends. I’ve talked about different business pages. So you can look at different leaders in your niche, different companies in your niche, you can look for business pages. We talked about groups. So networking groups, what are the kinds of places just to get people some different ideas of where they, what other places they can look for to, to make connections?


Definitely think about your niche market. If you’re in health and wellness, health and wellness groups, absolutely. When you have the same kind of things going on in your life, it makes the rapport building stage that much easier. Also think about what you’re really passionate about. If you love to help rescue dogs in Facebook, search for dog groups, that kind of thing, because that makes the conversation very easy with the person. So think about what you also are into, and it just makes the conversation so much easier. If you’re really into working out and you’re in health and wellness, join workout groups as Well, but other than that, if you’re an avid soccer player or Fisher or fishermen, and you can find groups on Facebook. Make friends with people and even if they’re not in the same industry, you can see if they’re interested in a home business, but it just makes the conversation so much easier when you share a common passion. Then you’re talking about this common passion and then it’s very easy to build rapport. After building rapport (a few messages back and forth not a month long conversation) you can say, “Just curious, what does he do for a living?”


You’ve got major rapport cause you’re both into animal rescue or you’re both into fishing or you’re both into yoga and you just say, “Hey, what do you do for a living?” And I say “Oh, I’m a dental assistant”. You go “well, that’s cool, Do you really like what you do?”.” No, I’m burnt out, I don’t like it. I work too many hours”. They’ve opened a door.


Exactly, on that note, talking about different groups of kind of broadening out into different hobbies and in different niches and stuff like that in the end, a lot of people getting started, they want to make money sooner than later. Considering that, what kind of friends you want to be adding? What should your focus be in the beginning? What kind of people should you be adding, knowing that you needed to make some money quickly?


For me the fastest way to make money. I realized was people who looked like they didn’t know what they were doing. They were marketing the way I was, they got their company crap, sorry I don’t mean their company crap. They bought their company products and the company name all over their timeline. This is somebody you know needs how to market the right way right? They are the perfect person for you because you know the right way. That’s what I did in the beginning. I would look for those people. Review their timeline and check them out but if they’ve got to their company product all over. I would friend them or accept their friend request started the conversation, become friends. And then just have a natural conversation. And I transitioned to talking to business. So when I needed to make money fast, I had a lot of conversations. I talked to like 30 people (or more per day) to build a rapport, transition to talking business.


So you just take the time to find out what’s going on with them and you lead with whatever their need is.


It doesn’t take 5,000 friends to start earning money.


When you get close to 5,000, you will start unfriending people you’ve never engaged with. Sometimes people will friend requests you and then you’ll send this to this lovely of personal message and they never answer you. But keep in mind, you will have a lot of those people, six months later going “Can you help me?”


So don’t take them off right away. you will be much more careful. And you know, and screen people more possibly or unfriend people when you get close to 5,000 friends, but your not going to bother doing that at this point and time.


Which is awesome. Cause I mean, this goes to show you that it’s not about adding, it’s not about just adding, adding, adding, adding friends and getting to 5,000 friends or something like that. You can earn a full time income with a lot fewer friends who are screened and that you have something in common with. Than 5,000 friends who you have nothing in common with. So just don’t go and start friending every person to increase your friends list. It is counter productive.


You will want to find groups in your niche or that you have an interest in. Get active (post, comment and like other peoples post) in the group. Check out potential friends timelines to learn more about them. If they have the follow button activated hit the follow button. If they seem like a person you want to be friends with sent them a personal message and send a friend request (10 to 20 a day, That’s 3,650 people in one year). Connect with them, find their pain points and offer them a solution. Remember it should only take 30-60 minutes a day. Have fun and make it enjoyable.

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    Wow I have taken my time to read this article, and I was right.

    It’s absolutely very informational. I just realized that I was doing things wrong on FaceBook.

    And now I’m gonna try to apply your advice.

    Thanks for sharing.

    And by the way, Is it the same process with Instagram ? Do you have any advice or article on how to get people to follow you

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  3. Dale
    June 9, 2020 at 2:12 am

    My biggest thing I promised myself years ago when I started working online was to always treat people like people.  I promised to be honest.

    Believe it or not I have not yet brought Facebook into my business but as of late I have been looking at my options and Facebook is definitely up there towards the top of the list.

    I love the advice you have given.  It is exactly how I want to do business.

    Thank you

  4. Tiger Oliver Budd
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    Your website is plain and simple.I like the idea of being minimalist but packs with good content. The only thing I notice with your post is it has a double title, am I right?  But the content is good, now I realize why I can’t find friends on facebook. LOL.   You are getting a lot of engagement in your post and that is a good thing.

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  7. Tush
    June 13, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Hello Wes. Starting out as a blogger is very tough especially with the aspect of finding an audience for a specific niche. Facebook could be a great source of loyal audience if we know how to do it just right. I had an old YouTube channel where I post videos. Facebook was one of the media with which I was able to grow the channel. I simply followed some persons that are interested in my topics and I created friendship and rapport with them. Most of them ended up becoming loyal fans. I have learnt some more skills in creating a good rapport after reading this article. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips.

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