How To Improve A PageRank

If you have a blog, website or even a e-commerce site.  You need to increase your page rank if you want to have more people finding your website (more traffic = more  income for you.  So how to improve a page rank.  I will show you what you need to do to increase your page rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


How To Improve A PageRank

On-Site SEO to increase Page Ranking

The first think you need to do is research your blogs niche and find quality keywords that have little competition and good traffic volume.  You need to target a long tailed keyword instead of broad keywords.


Low hanging fruit

An example of a broad keyword is “Dogs”.  A long-tailed keyword is “How to stop a dog from chewing on the furniture”.

Leave the broad keywords for the big guys with the big budgets.  By going after the long-tailed keywords your competition will be lower and you will have a better chance  of getting on page one of the search engines.  If you are not on page on you will not get any traffic.

You want to find keywords that have a monthly traffic volume greater than 30 and a QSR (quoted search results,  The keyword is in the URL).

You want to have your target keyword in the title of your post.  Plus, have it in the first paragraph of your blog.  That is it for your keyword.  After that simply provide value in your content.   Have plently of white space in your post.  The search engines could care less but your readers will prefer it.  You are not writting for your English teacher.  So do not worry about complete paragraphs.

In my opinion Jaaxy has the best free keywords research tool.  Try it for yourself.


You should try to have each article over 1000 words (I wrote a little over 1200 words for this article) with 5 or six subheadings.   If you cannot do that atleast have 500 words at minimum.   You will want to have a featured image and at least one other image in your post.   Make sure the images are relevant.

For example if you are writing a vegan blog do not post a picture of a steak and potatoes.  Give your readers something appealling to look at.

Each article should have at least 3 links but not more than 4.  One link needs to be to an authority website (either in your niche or a site like wikipedia,  one or two too other relevant articles on your website and finally a link to a product that you can earn commission from.

Now that is it for your content section.  Let’s talk about tags and keywords.  For example you should have an SEO plugin installed on your website.   It will have a tag section (located on right sidebar and a keyword section (located under the content just below where you enter your title and site description the way you want it to show up in the search engines).


Tags and Keywords

how to improve pagerank

You will want to enter your main keyword and a few related keywords (you will discover these during your keyword research).


how to increase pagerank







For all intensive purposes that is all for on site optimization.  Once you do it a couple of times it becomes second nature and you will be setting everything up correctly without thinking about it.   Set it up like this and you will not have to worry about any of the updates the search engines decide to do.


Off Site Optimization

Once you hit publish the work is just beginning.  I like to think of off site optimization as the marketing phase of SEO.  It is how your blog gets seen faster by google and your website visitors.


You will want to share your new post on your social media sites that you are an active participant.   Some social media platforms are okay with you posting a link directly to your site but most are not.  Why,  they do not want you to take their visitors off of their platform.

So you have to get creative.  Create a post that peaks your followers or friends curiosity.  Have a CTA asking for them to comment or message you for more information.  Then you share your link to them in the platforms messaging app.  For example Facebook messenger or Twitter DM.

If you are on Pinterest you will create a catchy image, use your main keyword in the title and a snippet from your blog post as the description.  Then you can link directly to the blog post.  Hint –  Create a Instagram size image on Canva for free.  Because it will work across most social media platforms (why do more work than you have too).


Create a youtube video


Create a youtube video and embed on your blog.  Make sure you save your video file as your main keyword.  Use the keyword in the Title, Description with contextual link to your blog post and tags.   Fill out your description with atleast 400 words.  Put your link in the first sentence of your description.

People will not read your full description but the search engines use the description to know what your video is about.


Request Indexing

You should have webmaster accounts at both Google and Bing.   Submit your url for indexing.  It will take some time to get it indexed but you have to let them know you have a new post.


Inbound Links

So getting inbound links is one of the most important steps to get your site moving up in the ranks and getting traffic.  I like to submit guest post to relevant blogs in my niche that have at least a DA above 20 and a minimum traffic volume of 1,000 visitors a month.

Guest Post

When you compose a guest post you should follow the same rules as if you were going to post it on your blog.  Check with the website owner to see if they have any certain requirements for their blog.   It is a win win situation.  The website owner gets fresh quality content (they didn’t have to write) and you get a valuable backlink to your webpage.



Commenting on relevant blogs in your niche is not only a great way to get a backlink.  But you can also get traffic.  The key is to actually read the comment.  Either ask a question or discuss what you learned from the post.   You comment must be at least 50 words MINIMUM.  Do not submit more than 1 comment on the blog per day.  If you do your comments may not be approved.   At value to the conversation and you will brand yourself as an expert.


Press Releases

Is another great way to get you or your products in front of a lot of people and get high quality back links.  A press release is a little different than article marketing.  If you have never submitted a press release before I recommend you use a syndication service.  Because they already have relationships built with the news agencies.


Improving your page rank does not have to be complicated.  Follow these tips each time you post anything new and you will see your website rankings start to improve.


I would love to hear about what you do (white hat only) to improve your websites rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  I look forward to seeing your website at the top.





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