How To Make A Facebook Page For A Business

How to make a Facebook page for a business


How to make a Facebook page for a business.  You’ve decided your business needs a Facebook. Well, let me tell you
this. By the time we’re done today, you’ll know how to set up a Facebook business page. Having your own
Facebook page is a great way to brand your business or even yourself. They are super easy to set up.How To Make A Facebook Page For A Business

Getting Started With Your Facebook Page


By the way, Facebook business pages, fan pages, like pages, they’re all the same kind of page, Facebook just calls them business pages now.


To get started, make sure you have your company logo or something for your profile picture, something for your cover photo, a big photo to go on top, and then all your pertinent information, what is your website, email if you have that, phone, address, business hours, any information about your business, which I assume you already know. Gather that, and you can do this in just a few minutes.

All right, let’s get started. Now, there are a few different ways you can get to the create a page page, but I think the easiest thing is just be at

You must be logged into my account here. You do, by the way, have to have a personal profile to create a business page so that is a first step if you don’t even have a Facebook account.  Once you’ve got that, At the top of the your home page it says create,  click on that.

Creating A Page

There are several different options, but the easiest is to click on create page, and that will take you
to where you can create a Facebook page.

Next up, you’re going to choose, are you a business, or a brand, or a community, or public figure? This is pared way down, they used to have way more options.

For this tutorial, I’m going to set up a page for a fictitious educational company so I’m just going to choose
business or brand. I need to name the page. What should I call it? Oh yeah, it was Wild Willys World of Wonkers . Next you’re going to choose a category to describe your page.


And in this situation, you just start typing something and find something that works for you. I see educational agency, there I go.

Hit continue.


Next, it’ll ask you to add a profile picture. Yes, you can skip this, but hopefully you already have it

Profile and Cover Photo

When you’re adding your profile picture, if you are a one person business or you represent the
business, I think it should be your face.


If the company has a logo, make it the company logo. Don’t make it anything else. Remember, most people are
going to see it, most of the time, in tiny circle on a mobile device. So it should be something easily recognizable. If you do not have a logo there are several places you can get one created for a few dollars.

Next up, upload a cover photo. This goes at the top of your business page. This is a photo that should represent your


If you have a physical location, it might be a picture of your facility. If you have a staff, it could be a picture of your staff.


Once your cover photo is uploaded, you can drag it to reposition it, figure out the best spot for it to be. Just like that, you have a page.

Almost Done

That’s it. You’re definitely going to want to do more than that. For example, you’re going to want to go in
and fill out all of your company information. You can see right here, it says add a short description.

Hit save and continue.

If you have a phone number, put that in. If not, un check that.


This company is fake, doesn’t have a website. Next it says, now that you’ve updated your page info, see if
there are other details you can add that will be helpful to people who visit your page. Let’s go ahead and click edit page info.


This is where you can go through and fill out all of your information. You can add additional categories.
Type in consulting again. Let’s say I am a business consultant.


I can add that in and hit save. If you decided you do have a phone number, email address, location, all
these different details about your company, your business hours.







Fill out as much of this as possible because eventually, when somebody’s looking for a business on
Facebook, the more information you have, the higher the chances that somebody is going to find you.

Last step, you’re going to want to give your page a username. This is where your web address
will be on Facebook. So it’ll be whatever your username is.


Click right  underneath your profile picture and title, then type in what you would like it to be.


Lucky for me, Wild Willys World of Wonkers is available. Go ahead and hit create username. If I look up
at the top here in the address bar, I see it’s

There you go. You have a Facebook business page.  Having your own Facebook page is a great way to build rapport with your new and existing customers.

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