How To Make Money With Your Phone

Making money with your phone – Step By Step



Hello in the next couple of minutes I want to share with you how so many people around the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and more are building a wonderful business for themselves by using a simple Facebook system on their phones. So I’m going to talk you through my actual phone and walk you through a simple this is, we’ll just go right to Facebook here.


how to make money with your phone



What I’m going to start you in is our One Voice group. Now this is actually a group that you join once you become a social marketer, so no one that is a guest of our company, guests looking at our products or our business is actually in the One Voice group until they actually join with us. Now, the reason I’m starting here is because this is where you’re actually going to get trained. So for example, how do you share your Modere code? The different promotions the company does, the compensation plan.


This one right here is actually a live corporate update that the company does every single week for us to be able to catch us up on what’s happening. Now once you’re added to this group and you start to build your team, you can go in the comment section here and you could tag your team. You could say something like, let’s say I have Sarah, I say, “Sarah, check this out.” And so, she’s getting the information directly from the company and she’s plugged into everything that’s happening, so pretty cool.


make money with your phone



That’s our One Voice group. Now, the top of our funnel is actually our customer groups, we’re a customer based company, for every one person that does our business we have 10 that say no to our business, but yes to our product. So let me walk you through our official M3 pledge community. In less than a year, we had over 100,000 people join this community and it just grows every single day. And what happens in this community is you can come in here and you can start to see the results and the excitement that people are having with our incredible products.



Simplicity of Add, Tag and Message


So the before and afters, the testimonials, the results that people are experiencing with our product. So I’ll give you a, we call it ATM, add, tag and  message. Let me just walk you through how simple this is for you to add people to our groups and tag them in the information. So you go to this right here, it’s called add members, so just simply right here, and you click add members. When you do that, I’ll use an example here, let’s say that I’m going to add Theresa to the group.



First Step is to Add

So I add Theresa down here to the group. Now, I click up here in the top right, click done. Now they’re going to go into this member request approval, once they’re approved by our admins then she will now be in the group. Now check this out. Let’s say that, that video down there I wanted her to watch that video because I think she’ll get a lot out of that.


Then you tag them

I simply tag her in the video, so I’ve added to the group, it’s what we call, add tag message. Add to tag. It’s so simple. You simply type in her name. And when I type in her name, she pulls up again and I say, “This is the program I was talking about.” So maybe at work or when you guys were at the gym you talked about it and so, now you simply tagged her in the information. And when her name is bold right there, she’s actually tagged in the information, so let’s go back. So it’s what we call, add,  tag and  message.


Finally you will Message them

From there, I’ll simply send her a private message. Now to do the message I typically don’t do it right here in Facebook, I use what’s called Facebook Messenger. It’s the Facebook Messenger app and I will tag her in the message, I’ll just send her a quick private message and we have scripts that will show you exactly how to do this. It’s super simple, you can just copy and paste the scripts, we’ll teach you exactly how to do all of that as well.


Social Retail Is About The Products

But you can just have that normal, natural conversation with your friend or with your family member, so that’s how we do the top of the funnel, that’s our product group. Now check this out. You’re going to have people that are going to say, “Well, how does your business work, or what do you do for a living? Or how does this whole thing pan out?” We have a group called Social Retail Live.



In Social Retail Live, it’s the same thing. You would just use this, you would add the members like we talked about before and then you would just tag them in the information. Now, Social Retail Live is a little bit different than our product groups. Our product groups are designed to share the results and the excitement people are receiving with Modere products. Social Retail Live is actually designed to show people the results and the excitement people are receiving with our business.


So you’ll see welcome posts in here, you’ll see recognition posts, people that are succeeding all over the country and all throughout Canada with the Modere products, with the Modere business by sharing this, whether it’s getting free product or earning commissions, whether that’s small commissions or big commissions. And so, you’ll see the lifestyle brand in here.



There’s also presentations that are in here that you can tag people in, so I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s go back and let’s use Theresa as our example. So I go back up to add members and let’s say I’m going to add Theresa to this group here. I add her to the Social Retail Live group, so she is now going to learn more about our business. And let’s say that I have a presentation in here I want her to see, I’ll simply scroll down, let’s say that she’s been around maybe the direct sales world, I’ll just tag her in this information.



The Power of 100 People Giving 1% is Stronger Than 1 person Giving 100%..

Now here’s what’s so powerful about this that people can really leverage. The strength in business is in leverage, where you can leverage the tools to move your business forward. Like all great businesses are system-based businesses because they can leverage the system to help them. So it’s not just all about what one person can do, all the knowledge that one person has, they can actually leverage the knowledge of other people.



And so, I could say, “Check this out.” Now, when I tag her in this, I don’t have to do all of the presentation myself, I can let this presentation do it for me. I can basically let this presentation explain it for me, or answer her questions, she might have some questions on how does the compensation plan work, or how are people paid each month?

I can actually tag her in the information and let that do the presentation for me, so I don’t have to be a guru or an expert myself and so, you don’t have to be an expert.


You can actually just add them to the groups, tag them in the appropriate information, and then send them a private message to begin your followup process to help walk them through the followup experience and make sure that they get all their questions answered, because simply we’re in the information education business, we’re not in the business of selling or convincing, or certainly not nagging, bugging or annoying people.



Our job simply is to inform and educate people on what we do and the more informed and educated they are, the more empowered they are to make good decisions.

So they can come into our groups, see the results people are receiving on the product, see the results that we’re receiving on the business and then once they say, “Hey, I’m in,” we can get them trained through our One Voice Facebook system. So it really is that simple.


You add them to the groups, tag them in the information and then send them a private message. Keep It Simple Silly



I am so excited for you to be able to learn more about Modere, learn more about our system and we’re convinced that the closer you look the better it’s going to look, and we look forward to being able to partner with you and to be able to have you be able to leverage this very simple system, to be able to begin generating a great income for you and for your family. Thanks so much for your time, have a great day.

how to make money on your phone





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