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how to promote your network marketing business online

Promote Your MLM Without Your Friends Or Family Knowing You Are In A Business.

Hey guys, it’s Wes Gaddis. Thanks for coming to my page. What I want to share with you today could quite possibly change you and your family’s life. Stick with me and I will show you how to promote your network marketing business online.

Who Am I and how can I help You and how I felt about my life.

A little bit about me. I’m 46 years old. I’ve got two kids. One will be in junior high next year, and the other will be a sophomore in high school. For 15 years after I graduated college, I was a wild land firefighter. I spent all summer away from my kids pretty much. When I was working locally, there were lots and lots of times that I wouldn’t get off work until they were in bed, and I had to be up and out the door the next morning before they woke up. So as you can imagine, with two small kids, infants, toddlers, it was really hard on me not being able to be there and be the father that they need to be.

Painful Truth.

In about 2007, 2008 knew I needed to start making a change. So I looked everywhere online for affiliate marketing, to network marketing, MLM. I purchased every training product under the sun.

I tried everything from solo ads to the traffic exchanges. The only thing that ever got me was more broke and basically more confused because I didn’t have a clue on what I was doing.

But I believed in the business models and I believed that they would allow me to be the father I can be, provide for my kids financially and be able to set them up for the future, so I stuck with it. I kept researching, watching on YouTube for YouTube trainings and stuff like that.

Finally, I came to a conclusion that there’s got to be a better way to grow a network marketing company without number one, bombarding my friends and family, asking them to please buy product from me so I can get my product points.

I knew there definitely had to be a better way than cold calling. I tried that for a year, four nights a week for an hour, hour and a half, I’d just sit there and basically call people out of the blue that I’d sourced their phone numbers online, and a year of work.

And for that year I signed up five people. And of course they didn’t turn around and work the business builders either.

What I Learned Or Discovered.

Coming from the affiliate marketing world, going through sales funnels, sales pages, I started thinking to myself,

“Why can’t we set up a system similar to affiliate marketing that will grow a network marketing business?”

I know there’s lots of people out there like me that don’t like harassing their friends or family or plastering their business links, product links all over their Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and stuff like that.

All it builds up for you is that you’re a scammer and you don’t know how to build your business because you’re out there basically when you do that, begging somebody to just buy from you.

I knew that I had to, at first work on my mental mindset, get clarity in my business, find a strategy that I could do, feel comfortable with and that I could also duplicate with my downline and my customers so they can build their business or be able to get their products for free.

I Am Glad I Didn’t Give Up Or Stop Looking.

So within my looking around YouTube and podcasts, I ran into a gentleman by the name of Steven Larsen. At the time he was a top funnel builder for ClickFunnels.

Long story short; I think it was in 2017, he quit working full time from ClickFunnels and he went and he got into the network marketing world, but he did it differently than all the upline and industry leaders tell you how to build your business because there is more than one way to build a business.

Coming from ClickFunnels, he knew how to set up funnels, how to drive traffic to the funnels.

So what he did, first he built it for himself. He started testing it out and he was able to grow his downline. He was able to prospect and recruit automatically.

It doesn’t take out the networking portion of it because in the process of sifting out the people on his list, he would talk to them. And then he had this idea, “Well, this is working for me.

Why don’t I offer this set up for my downline?”

That’s exactly what he did. You can imagine how lucky his team was to have him as a leader. He could have kept the system to himself but instead he wanted to help other people quit struggling and to have the success so they could help make a difference.

How Can This Help You?

So if you were looking to finally have success in your network marketing business, there’s three options you can go. Steve sells this program where you can promote your own MLM.

I think right now it’s a thousand dollars. Or you can join under me. I will share the exact same funnel I’m using with you so you can implement it in your business. So you can start driving traffic today and start getting leads, business sign-ups, and also selling more products today.

Or, ultimately you can keep doing things the same way you are doing them. I guarantee you will keep getting the results (none) that you are currently getting.

So if that all sounds something good for you, he’s also thrown in some bonuses as you’ll see if you scroll down this page. For example, the auto-lead and recruiting funnels are prebuilt templates.

He has a value of them of $1100. He has proven product sales funnels that he’s created, he’s tested, he knows they work. It will include a 30 day blueprint to get you to $1000 a month.

You’ll also have access to Evergreen training. You’ll be given the ads that work, where to place them, how to place them, what not to do to prevent you from getting your ad accounts banned because there are right ways and wrong ways.

Of course you’ll have unique upline support. You’ll have access to private Facebook groups where you can ask for support, reviews.

If you need help with having somebody look at your ads or one of your pages on your funnel, you want them to review it for you, they’re there.

At times it might seem like they’re being tough on you, but know they love you and they want you to succeed and they’ll tell you where and how you might need to think about changing something.

So for free you get almost a $5,000 value if you went and got this somewhere else. But if you apply to join my team and you are accepted, you will get this for free.

Again, like I said, if you are accepted, because we don’t work with everybody.

We only work with people that we want to work with. If you get to join our team, then you will have that same choice too, because you don’t want to work with everybody. It’s a real business.

The people you’re going to be bringing into this business you’re going to want to like them and want to be around them because once you get them in, they’re going to be here for a long time.


Thanks again. I invite you to go through the application process. It’ll take you maybe five, 10 minutes tops, and then if you are accepted, I’ll be reaching out to you. Thanks. God bless.

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Stop struggling and start earning money today not a year from now.

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