One Funnel Away Review

one funnel away review

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) and My Review

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day challenge ran by the people at Clickfunnels of Boise, Idaho.  The challenge is designed in a way to help anyone from begginers to expert marketers build and grow their business.  Of course the backbone will be the Clickfunnels software.   With the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge you will learn you do not have to build out a website to make sales in your business.  Websites are the vhs tapes and Clickfunnels is bluetooth.

So you maybe asking what is involved in the challenge.  That is a great question to ask.  The challenge runs for 30 days but not on weekends.  The first part of the daily training last about an hour each day.  It consist of the overall strategy of the steps you will be completing that day.  After the training you head over to a onepager to complete your homework for the day.


  1. Simple Lessons Broken Down Into Bite Sized Chunks
  2. Amazing Coaches and Support
  3. Get Your Business Up and Running Fast


  1. Requires daily implementation
  2. You have to be able to stay focused
  3. You will have daily assignments you must complete

On the onepager their is a video that shows the tactics and how to’s so you can complete the steps required for that day.  It is important you take action on the training and complete the homework for that day.  Because each subsequent day builds on the work you completed the day before.  So if you have a hard time following traing and then taking action on what you learned.  The One Funnel Away Challenge maybe what you need to kick you in to gear.

The homework each day can be accomplished in about an hour each day.  Imagine at the end of 30 days having your own product with upsells and funnel built all of your own.  No more just earning a percentage of the products but the whole thing.

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The Strategy Session

The strategy session last between 30 minutes and an hour.  In the strategy session you learn the master steps it takes for you to complete the homework or the mission of the day.  Each day you partake in a new mission.  If you choose to take the mission of the day you get one step closer to having your first product and funnel ready to bring more money into your bank account.

The Tactics Session

During the tactics session you learn the exact steps on how to complete the mission of the day.  Russel actually shows you how to complete the mission.   HINT – As Russel completes the step hit the pause after each step and do not hit play until you have completed the steps and are ready to move to the next step.

The Implementation Session 

I recommend you combine the tactics and implementation sessions.  You could watch the entire tactics video and then implement but you are more likely to complete the task if you watch each step then take immediate action on what you just watched.

Every day of the 30 day challenge is laid out the exact same.  You will get better results because the framework of each day is laid out as the day before.  The process becomes engrained and you will get into a flow of the challenge.

Networking with other Challengers

Having the ability to network with other challengers in the private facebook group is an added benefit.  It is a great way to get questions answered as well as bounce ideas off your fellow challengers.  Plus, the support is top notch.  You will not have to wait long to get your questions answered.  

So in 30 days you will have  your own lead magnet, products with upsells, a funnel and an email sequence created.  Not only that you will learn how to drive free target traffic to keep your funnel full of potential customers.  

One key take away from the OFA Challenge is it is about the “who and not the how”.  Even if you have never created a lead magnet, products or even a funnel before.  The step by step training and support of the community will have you getting the success you want.

One Funnel Away Challenge


Click Here For A Detailed Video About The One Funnel Away Challenge

Testimonials Of Previous One Funnel Away Challengers

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one funnel away review

One Funnel Away - 30 Day Challenge









  • Simple Lessons Broken Down Into Bite Sized Chunks
  • Amazing Coaches and Support
  • Get Your Business Up and Running Fast


  • Requires daily implementation
  • You have to be able to stay focused
  • You will have daily assignments you must complete
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