Simple Business Plan Example

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Simple Business Plan Example


Anyone in business knows they need to have a business plan.  It does not or should not be complicated.  The simpler you keep your plan the more likely you will be able to stick to it.  I am going to share with you a simple business plan example.  You can use it as it is or craft your own from it. There are three steps to this plan.  It is simply Build, Engage and Sell (serve).


Simple Business Plan Example



Step 1. Building An Audience


The first step is simply building an audience.  This simply mean increasing the number of people you can share your message with.  You need to be increasing your audience everyday so you can expose more people to you business products, services or opportunity.  Having a growing audience is vital to any business.

Social media is one of the greatest ways to grow your audience.  Why,  people spend most of their time on social media.  If you want to grow your customer base then you must be on social media yourself.  But instead of scrolling through your feed you will be on a mission.

So how do you build an audience on social media?  The best way is to use your personal profile.  Why because the people on there already know and like you.  You have their trust already. Your personal profile is where you will want to build your audience.  It will give you the most engagement, even more than a business fan page.  It is a living thing and you must nuture it as such.

For this I am going to use Facebook.  How do you grow your audience on Faceboo?  It simply means you want to increase the friends and followers you have.  But you want to do it in a way that you get quality friends and followers.  By that I mean you do not want everyone on your friends list.

Go about it as if you were looking for new best friends or business partners.  Would you want to go grab a beer or coffee with the person and spend more than 5 minutes with them.  If not then you don’t want them on your friends list.

So how do you find people to send friend request to or to follow?

Go to your interest groups you already belong to or leaders pages in your industry.  Read the comments they post and see who resonates with you.

You do not just want to send a friend request.  You want to also send a message to them know you liked their comment.  Just be human.  If they have their follow button activated then you can also follow them.

Facebook is a social network. So if you follow 100 people you might get ten people to send you a friend request or follow you back.  You can only have 5,000 facebook friends but an unlimited number of followers.   Do not worry, you will not need 5,000 or even 2,000 friends to have a successful business.

Quality over quantiy is the key.  It is all about the relationships you build.  Ok, so we have our audience.  Now what?


Step 2.  Engage Your Audience


So we know how to grow our audience.  Now it is time to engage them.  This example is for facebook but will work on any social media platform.  We have three ways to priarily engage our audience.

  1. Facebook post
  2. Stories
  3. messenger

Facebook post can be value, educational, informational or entertainment.

Your post should fall into one of these catorgories.  You should also follow a 80/20 ratio.  That is 80 percent of your post should provide value/education and 20 percent promotional.

When you do a promotional post DO NOT post the name of your product or company.  If you do you will loose 90% of your sales.  Why, simple people will go to google and google the product name or company.  Then you lost the sale.  So just do not do it, PERIOD.

You want your visitor to reach out to you (attraction marketing).

This is where messenger comes into play and step 3. selling to your audience.


Step 3. Sell To (Serve) Your Audience


The sell or serve step of your business plan takes place in messenger, on your phone or services like zoom.  This where you are having a one on one conversation with the person.  You want to find out the problems or pains the person is having.

When you have this information you can then offer them the solution (your product or service).  You earn your money by helping others eliminate pain they may be feeling in their lives.

If you can not help them then be sure to point them to someone who can.  Yes, this may be hard but you want them to find a solution to their problem.  They will remenber that you are the one to help them and you will be rewarded in time.

You need to be looking out for their best interest and not yours.  To many marketers or business owners screw this up.  If you remember to put them first you will reap the rewards in time.


Recap Of The Simple 3 Step Business Plan


You can’t get more simpler than a 3 step business plan.  The steps were Build, Engage and Sell.  Building your audience is simply increasing the number of people you have to share your message with.  Facebook is the best place in my opinion to share this information with.

Engaging your audience is primarily done via your facebook post.  Be informative, educational and every once in the while you can be promotional in a non promotional way.

Selling(serving) your audience is where you find their pain points and offer them the solutions they are looking for.  Like i said when you help someone they will open their wallets and give you money.  It is a magical process you will love to experience.

Try it out and you will get results.

I didn’t come up with this business plan myself.  Want to learn more about this simple business plan.

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