The Best Online Businesses To Start

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The Best Online Businesses To Start


A lot of people are asking what are the best online businesses to start.  With people looking for ways to earn money online from home to give them freedom of time and finances today is the day for you to start.  I will share with you some information on blogging, e-commerce, affiliate marketing and network marketing.


Blogging The Basics    the best online businesses to start


Blogging is where a writer shares their ideas on a subject.  A blog is a form of an online journal.  Blogs are written in the form of a web post.  Typically the latest blog post appears at the top of the blog.  A blog can be about anything from your lifes experiences.  It is a way to share your knowledge and expertise with the world.  Blogs are fairly simple to set up.  In my opinion the easiest platform for beginners to set up is a wordpress blog.  With word press you do not need any type of coding experience.  You simply choose a theme and choose the elements you want to appear on your blog.

Blogging is also a create way to start an online business.  You can earn money from your blog by selling other peoples products related to your blog topic or you can place search engine ads on your blog and get paid when your website visitors click on the ads.  It will take time for your blog post to rank in the search engines and start driving traffic.


What Is E Commerce In Business


E-Commerce is simply using the internet to buy or sell a product or service.  The major benefit of using ecommerce in business is it eliminates the restrictions of distance or time.  An e-commerce business allows you to be open 24 hours a day all year long.  Some of the most common e-commerce sites are Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and even the larger chain stores are building ecommerce into their business models.

It is a good way to build a business from home.  It is not just for the big guys anymore.  The internet is opening up online stores to even small brick and mortar companies.  Facebook is rolling out the option for businesses to set up a Facebook Shop Page.  It will allow your visitors to purchase products from you directly on Facebook.  This is great for not only local brick and mortar companies but people who create physical or digital products.

Ecommerce is only going to grow in popularity as people gain more confidence in purchasing more products online.


Affiliate Marketing – What Is It?


Affiliate Marketing is a way for you to earn revenue by promoting other peoples products.  Typically an affiliate marketer has a website they use to post content on.  The search engines will then index and rank the websites.  When someone searches online, visits your website or blog, reads your content,  clicks on an affiliate link on your site and purchases from your affiliate link.  Then you will earn a commission on their purchase.

Typically you will only be paid on the initial purchase.  If the customer purchases at a later date you may or may not be paid on their purchases.  Depending on the rules of the affiliate marketing program you join.

Affiliate products can both be physical or digital in nature.  Affiliate marketing can take some time for you to begin earning money due to having to get your content(blog post) indexed and ranked.

But it is a great way to add additional streams of income to your portfollio.


Network Marketing – Does It Work


Network marketing is a simple business model that is built around person to person relationships.  Network marketing can also be called relationship marketing.  It is more personal than affiliate marketing.  With network marketing the companies are utilizing their distributors to get their product or services known.  Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising they give that money to the distributors who are their advertising.

When a network marketer sells a product to a customer the marketer will get paid every month as long as the customer purchases the product from the company.

Does it work, yes it works very well.  Their are two main ways for a network marketer to increase the amount of  money they.  They can bring in new customers or bring in new network marketers as teammates.  It is also the easiest online business to start and start earniing money fast.

Their are skills you need to learn and implement in order to grow your business.  But,  it is as simple as building an audience, engaging with the audience and serving your audience (you serve them by offering your product that will eliminate a pain point they may have).

The more value you provide and the more you help other people will dictate how much money you can earn.  Network marketers get paid based on value not on the amount of time they spend working.


Best Online Businesses


I have shown you some online business ideas that  you can start from home today.  Blogging is a great way to share your ideas and hobbies to an audience.  Blogging will require a website to host your blog on.  It takes time to set up, rank and get traffic but it is your own online real estate that you own.

E-commerce is a great way to sell physical products you have to offer.  The product is listed online and the platform handles the money transfer process.  This adds security to you as the seller and the buyer.  It is pretty simple to list your products on sites like ebay and etsy.

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell someone elses product.  It is a great option if you do not have a product of your own.  Affiliate marketing requires you to have a website in order to create content and drive visitors to the products you are promoting.  Affiliate Marketing is a good option but will takes sometime to set up and for you to begin earning income.

In my optinion network marketing is the best way to start a business at home.  It does not require a website or for you to create a product.  You can use any of the social media platforms to reach out and build a rapport with potential customers.  Most of the network marketing companies have some form of training.

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Check out my recommended resources for some valuable tools or resources I use.

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