The Freedom Breakthrough Review

You want to start a successful online business but not sure how. Have you tried online marketing in the past with no success. Maybe The Freedom Breakthrough Program is the training you need. In The Freedom Breakthrough Review I will expose the pro’s and con’s of the program. Then you can decide if the program can be the saving grace you are looking for.

What is The Freedom Breakthrough

The Freedom Breakthrough program is an affiliate marketing training course developed and taught by Jonathan Montoya. Jonathan started online marketing in the fall of 2019 and 9 months later he was able to quit his Electrical Engineering job.

In the training he shares with you what he did and how you can replicate the process.

Freedom Breakthrough Walkthrough

How Does The Freedom Breakthrough Work?

The training is broken down into bit sized modules. For best results you will watch the video and take action as Jonathan teaches you the steps you need to take. You can pause the training or rewatch it as many times as you need to.

The key to your success will be taking action as you progress. Do not wait till you have completed all the training before taking action or you will not succeed.

Can You Make Money With The Freedom Breakthrough?

Yes, if you implement the training and take action. Nobody can guarantee that you earn any money. That all depends on your focus, drive and determination. But if you follow the training and put in the effort you will make money. How much just depends on you. Even if you have no idea how to make money online that can change.


  1. Simple training modules
  2. Step by Step Action Plan
  3. Support and Coaching


  1. Not for expert marketers
  2. Not a get rich quick program
  3. Will require you to scale to increase your profits

Beware Of The Shiny Object Syndrome. Make sure you master each step and training before purchasing any more training. Put blinders on and get focused at the activities that will make you money.

Is The Freedom Breakthrough Any Good?

Yes, it is a good training for beginners or intermediates. Or for anybody who has never had success online. The step by step training will guide you so you can have a successful online business.

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My Final Thoughts

I would recommend The Freedom Breakthrough Program to anybody who wants to learn how to set up and run their own online business. Remember the amount of success you have will be determined by your efforts in following the training and actually taking action. This course will have you doing more than you have ever done before.

The Freedom Breakthrough Program









  • Simple training modules
  • Step by Step Action Plan
  • Support and Coaching


  • Not for expert marketers
  • Not a get rich quick program
  • Will require you to scale to increase your profits
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