Vari Electric Standing Desk Review

height adjustable sit stand desk

With so many people working from home now and not knowing when they will return to their office.  It is time to improve your home working environment.  The kitchen table is not cutting it anymore.  This Vari Electric Standing Desk Review will expose both the pro’s and con’s of the adjustable electric standing desk.


What Is Vari Electric Standing Desk

The adjustable sit stand desk has a one piece solid wood top (will look great in any room of your house).  It includes versatile three stage legs.  The motor is super quiet and the desk can easily be assembled in less than 10 minutes.  Even if you are not handy the assembly is super easy (a caveman could do it).  Plus, you will love the 5 year warranty.  

Since the desk is adjustable it will allow you the ability to work on your computer while standing all day. Or if you prefer you can lower the height which will allow you to use a customary office chair or better yet a yoga ball.

If you are getting the desk for your office be sure to check with your office manager and ensure the space is adequate enough to fit the desk in.

Here is a video showing the Vari Electic Standing Desk

How does the Vari Electric Standing Desk Work

It has an electric motor that allows you to adjust the height with just a touch of the button.  It can work as both a sitting desk (great for kids doing their homework) or standing.  Using it in the standing position will take a little time getting used to.  But, it is much better for your back than slouching in a desk chair.


  1.  Quality construction and ease of assembly
  2.  Incredibly stable
  3. Electric motor raises and lowers desktop super fast


  1. Very heavy – needs 2 people to move
  2. Faux wood finish
  3. Cable tray is small requiring you to purchase the upgrade

Beware of the weight of the desk

You will need at least one other person to help you unpackage and assemble the desk.  If you have to carry it upstairs you might want to make sure you have a plan on how you are going to do that.  A handcart will come in handy as well as a quality box cutter.  They didn’t chimp out on the packaging material.

Is the adjusting Vari desk  any good

Yes, it is an extremely well built desk.  It will last you for many years.  Plus the 5 year warranty means they stand behind their product.  You can never go wrong with any product by Vari.  For the price you pay you get a great product.


I would highly recommend the Vari adjustable desk.  It will make working from home so much easier.  Be sure though to have another person around when it is delivered.  The product is solid built but very heavy.

Vari Electric Standing Desk




Adjustment Features





  • Quality construction and ease of assembly
  • Incredibly stable
  • Electric motor raises and lowers desktop super fast


  • Very heavy - needs 2 people to move
  • Faux wood finish
  • Cable tray is small requiring you to purchase the upgrade
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