Wealthy Affiliate and Network Marketing

wealthy affiliate and network marketing
Using Affiliate Marketing To Grow Your Network Marketing Biz Is Genius!!!


Yes, I want training on how to use affiliate marketing

How to use affiliate marketing to grow your network marketing business

How to use affiliate marketing to grow your network marketing business Hey guys, it’s Wes Gaddis coming to you from wesgaddis.com in southwest Colorado.


So what I want to talk to you a little bit about today is using affiliate marketing to grow your network marketing business. So I know your busy so I’ll keep it short, but you might have a question.


Using affiliate marketing skills for network marketing

So can I use the skills learned here at wealthy affiliate to build a network marketing business?


The answer is absolutely yes.


You can use both together effectively.

3 Steps To Build Your Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing Business

The building of affiliate marketing and network marketing, you have to do three things.

One, build your audience with your post, key words, engage with them getting comments, like, and shares.  Then you are going to serve them via your product or opportunity.


By eliminating one of their problems via a product you promote. So think about this with your network marketing company.  You have the opportunity itself.  Which is a work from home.  Home based business kind of idea, and you have the products itself.


So I want you to think about this on the product side, because with the FCC crackdown, they want more customers than distributors.


Change your mindset

So what I want you to do is switch off the mindset from trying to get more distributors and focus on a customer acquisition kind of mindset.


So  look, flip through your back office of your online store. There are hundreds if not  thousands of products you can promote. Most companies have the products broken down into categories. 


Take the broad name of the category and pop them over in a the keyword tool and see what kind of keywords for each product or category or solution that people are looking for, and I guarantee it.


Even if you just have a company that has 10 products, there’s easily a way that you could find keywords to write a hundreds of post for your blog for each one of those.

Build, engage and sell!!!

So don’t overthink it. Keep it simple. Build, engage, sell, build, engage, sell.

If you just concentrate on building your audience.  Engage with them via your social media or your personal blog to find their wants.  Then you can fill their wants with either your products or biz op.

Key fact to your online success

Remember this key fact.  People buy because they want something not because they need something.  That is an undisputable truth.


That is the most simple business plan or DMO daily method of operation you could have. And if you do that every day. Whether it’s with your website, on Facebook, instagram or tik tok.

Bonus marketing tip

***BONUS TIP*** if you have your company name listed with your replicate website listed. Remove it from any of your post. Why? Because you’re losing sells.


For instance Facebook isn’t showing your post to people. Because they want more people to stay around on their website.


So how you get around that is you create what is called a curiosity post based on the product or biz opp.

Curiosity Post Ideas

  • before and after pics
  • your personal story
  • friends or teammates successes
  • how to post
  • educational
  • informative

But for the love of your business do not post famous quotes(anybody can do that).  Set yourself apart from the crowd and be different.

Go live so people can see what you look like and how you sound.  It makes them feel more connected with you.  That will be a great benefit to you because the will start to know, like and trust you.

Every post you’re going to do you must  have a CTA(Call To Action). On your websites you can post “ Click here and I will help you grow your business”. 

Action steps for your affiliate and network marketing success

Every post you do, you have got to tell your visitor what it is you want them to do, take them by the hand and lead them to where you want them to go.

And then after that, simply go over to messenger. Have a little conversation going to checking in on them, saying exactly what their pain points are at that point, you can say hey  I’ve got a product that I love, that I’m using, that I use with my kids, my family are using that friend of mine is using another teammate.

They’re still a friend of yours and they’re getting these results. Would it be OK with you if I shared it with you? And then, of course, mostly they’ll say, yes, it’s just human nature. So I hope this helps. God bless. Have a great day. Peace out.  Yes, I want training on how to use affiliate marketing

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