What Is A Good Online Business To Start Up

what is the best online business to start up

Today is a great time to start an online business.  With the economy and politics unsettled.  People just like you are looking for ways to start an online business.  Whether that is just to earn extra cash or if it is to replace the income from your job.

But you maybe asking what is a good online business to start up?  I will list some of my recommendations for you here.

4 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

Option 4 – Sell Your Stuff

If you’re in a bind, late on bills, or need money immediately, there’s a time tested strategy that’s worked for ages.
It’s called cleaning out your home and selling the stuff you don’t want, don’t need, or don’t use. We’ve all been there, where we need money in a crunch.  Of course we used to have yard sales for that (which is still an option). But now instead of dragging everything out of your garage, and going out and painting the town with your Yard Sale signs… you can simply post your items online.

You can list your stuff for sale locally for pick-up or drop-off on sites like…

  •  Facebook Marketplace
  •  Craigslist
  •  LetGo t And More!

Or you can ship items on…

  •  Amazon Marketplace
  •  Ebay (yes it’s still a thing)
  •  Bonanza
  •  And plenty of others.

While the next 4 strategies will give you ways to earn bigger money from home, selling your stuff is one of the fastest
(and easiest) ways to get quick cash in your hand right now!

Option 3 – Provide a Service / Freelancing & Virtual Assistant

Chances are you already have a skill that others will pay you for. There is something YOU do well that they don’t.
There is probably something YOU enjoy doing that others simply don’t have time to do themselves. More and more businesses and entrepreneurs are hiring freelancers and virtual assistants these days than ever before.  It’s much easier, and requires less overhead than hiring full-time employees.



  •  Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Web Design
  • Writing/Blogging/Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Proofreading
  • Web Development
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Internet Marketing

Just to name a few. And if you need money quickly, you can be performing one of these services within the next week for a client who will pay you for your skills.  It’s easier than ever to get started.  Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, TopTal, and Simply Hired are great places to start.

The best part is that it’s as simple as creating a profile on one of these sites, and applying or submitting proposals for jobs.  Of course you can market your skills on your own through social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, or even your own website to find your own clients!

You can provide services either part time, and even turn it into a full-time career!

And it sure as heck beats driving people around for Uber or Lyft, or delivering food for DoorDash!

Option 2 – Start an Ecommerce Store (Shopify or Amazon)

In case you haven’t noticed, Ecommerce is massive around the entire world. And the stats speak for themselves…By the year 2021, worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion. (source: Shopify Plus, 2019)

Anybody can create an Ecommerce store, and therefore the playing field has been leveled.  And you don’t need to be as big as Amazon to make good money in ecommerce (FYI – don’t worry if you’re not as big as Amazon,
nobody else is either).

The good thing is, you only need a tiny share of the market to earn a part time, or even a massive full-time income!


STEP 1: Find a hungry market to sell to!

Most people will tell you to start with the product.  The secret is starting with finding a hungry market, and figuring out what they’re buying.  (Good examples of a hungry market are health / weightloss, skincare, pets, survival, golf, just to name a FEW of them!)

STEP 2: Choose the Products You’re Going to Sell!

What are the items these markets are already spending money on now? What are the hot items in the niche? Even better, what do they buy over and over? You don’t even have to create your own products.  The fastest way to get started is with a strategy called dropshipping. This means you don’t have to stock your garage full of products. You simply order the products that people buy from the manufacturer or fulfillment center, and they ship it directly
to your customer.

Step 3: Find a Platform to Sell Your Products On?

It’s easier than ever to set up your ecommerce store online. Amazon FBA selling is a great way to let Amazon
handle a lot of the grunt work including storing and shipping your product (Amazon FBA = Fulfilment By Amazon).

There are also tons of platforms that make it possible for anyone to create their own ecommerce store with simple
drag and drop features including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Wix (and plenty more!)

The most popular, and easiest for the new online ecommerce store owner is Shopify!

Shopify will give you the tools you need to get started fast, including…

* Your Storefront (with professional themes)
* A Professional Shopping Cart to Process Orders
* Your ‘Store Manager’ (to handle all communication and data collection of customers)
* Inventory Management
* Web Hosting
* SEO & Marketing Tools
* Analytics
* And even 24/7 Support

Step 4: Get Your Domain Name!

Your domain name is how people will find you online. It’s like the sign on
the front of your offline store on Main Street.
Once you figure out what you’ll name your website, you can go to a domain
provider like GoDaddy and purchase your domain name in just a few quick and easy steps.

Step 5: Promote Your Store!

You need to get eyeballs to your store and product pages. You can do this with methods like SEO (search engine optimization), paid ads (Facebook ads, Google Adwords, etc.), or even free social media marketing.

Option 1 – Affiliate Marketing (Best Option For People With Little or No Skills or Experience

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where you get paid a commission for selling OTHER people’s products.
This is one of the easiest ways to get started earning online because you don’t have to create your own products,
or even have a website.

You can sell virtually anything as an affiliate, including but not limited to…

  •  Information Products (ebooks,courses, workshops, etc)
  •  Physical Products
  •  Big Brands (Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Nike, Expedia, you name it!)
  •  Software Programs
  •  And Even Some Professional Services!The options are endless.Affiliate marketing can become a very lucrative way to make money from home.
    You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month… all the way to super affiliate status where you’re earning tens of thousands to even hundreds of
    thousands of dollars per month.

    Commissions range from 2% to 10% on the lower side, and up to 50% to 75% on the higher side (so you would pocket
    anywhere from 2% – 75% of the sale on the product you didn’t even have to create).

    The steps are somewhat similar to starting your own store. The main big difference is that you don’t have to do
    any of the transactional duties, or even own your own website.

    You’ll get an affiliate link coded to YOU,and when someone clicks on YOUR link, and makes a purchase… the company simply sends you a commission
    notification and payment (depending on the terms of the product owner!)

    Here’s are the steps...

    Step 1: Choose the Market You Want to Sell To and the Products You Want to Sell!

    Again, you’ll want to choose a hot market where people are already buying!
    Once you find that, then you’ll want to find the products they are buying most!

    Step 2: Find an Affiliate Program or Affiliate Network!

    Once you find the products you want to sell, you can see if the product owner has an affiliate program (there is often a link at the bottom of their page if
    they have an affiliate program option).

    Once you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll get your own personal link to start promoting.
    OR you can use an affiliate network that acts as a vendor or intermediary between the product owner and affiliate.

    A couple of the more popular affiliate networks are…

  • Clickbank (mostly info-products)
  •  JVzoo (info products)
  •  Rakuten Marketing (Big brands and
    physical products)
  • Share-a-Sale (mostly physical products)
  • MarketHealth (for physical healthcare products)
  • Plus MANY More

Step 3: Promote Your Affiliate Link!

There are various ways to get your link out in front of people online.

  • Create content (articles, videos, blog posts) around the benefits of the product or niche the product is in
  • Social Media Marketing (social media posts, groups, your business page, etc.)
  • Paid ads (Google Adwords, or Facebook ads!)
  • Create a sales funnel: Give them a free report – like this one — in exchange for their email address, and
    then send them emails to get them to buy your affiliate products!
  • And plenty more!

The main reason I pick affiliate marketing as my number 1 option is it is the easiest to get started and to start making money with it.  You do not need a website for affiliate marketing, no prior skills and no experience.   You can literally best setup and making money fast.

If you want to start making money now instead of later take the  3 Day Business Challenge.

In less than 3 days you will have your business up and running and have people coming to buy your affiliate product from you.

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