What Is Binary Options Trading

Is Forex Too Risky

What is binary options trading.  Binary Options is a form of options trading based on a single question, that a stock, index, commodity, or forex pair end up over the current price or not by a specific timeframe, which we call our expiration.

what is binary options

This is how binary options works

Here’s how it works. Say you wanted to start trading Forex binary options, and you’re looking at, well, the U.S. dollar versus the Japanese yen. You’ve been taking a look at the price and noticed it’s sitting around the 109.191 area, or 191 for short, your analysis is telling you that within the next minute or so, the price is likely to shoot up.

Now, usually, to exchange the value of a currency, you have to travel to the country of whatever currency you’re looking for and physically exchange your dollar for theirs. In this example, we’re buying more of the U.S. dollar in exchange of the Japanese yen.

Technology is our friend

But here’s the cool part about living in a world where technology is literally taking over everything that we do. Now we can exchange our currency rates from anywhere in which we have some access to the internet.

With binary options, there are only two possible outcomes, either the price of your traded asset, in this example, the USD versus the JPY, finishes above a specific entry price at a specific date and time, or it doesn’t.

The trade in binary options

So with that being said, we enter a $25 position at 109.191, with the idea that within the next 60 seconds, the contract price would be above our initial entry point. It does not matter how much above the entry price the market has reached at expiration. As long as it’s higher than our buying position, we went.

Potential payouts

So let’s talk about payouts. In this example, our broker is paying out 70% profit margin for the U.S. dollar versus the Japanese yen, making our $25 contract worth $17.50.

Now keep in mind that 70% profit payout is the result of a few variables: how much the prices fluctuate, volatility in the market, and just general market sentiment. So let’s fast forward to the end of our 60 seconds. If our buy analysis came true and the price is above where we thought it would be, then guess what? We just finished in the money.

Benefits of trading binary options

There are many benefits to trading binary options. In my opinion, it’s just a lot simpler to learn than most other styles of trading. You know the risk versus reward before you place the trade.  You only need the market to move 1 pip to profit on your trade.  The strategies for binary are easy to understand and implement.

Recommended Training Resource

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Now I’m not promising you millions of dollars and stardom overnight. But I also shouldn’t have to explain to you that obviously what worked 10 to 20 years ago, as far as making money, just simply isn’t working today. There’s over a trillion dollars in student loan debt and people who for years have been loyal to their workspace are being laid off on a daily basis, so it’s time that we do something different.

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And if you’re more of a hands-on learner like myself, then welcome to Go Live. Our Go Live sessions are live trading sessions that go on virtually throughout every hour of the day. So no matter what your daily schedule is looking like, you pretty much always have the opportunity to come home, kick back ,and tune into a live session.

Here’s the cool part. Let’s say, for whatever reason you had to miss today’s session. Well, most of our sessions are recorded and available for playback right on your website. So not having enough time to learn how to trade is never an issue over here.

And if $234 is too much for you to make an investment into your future, well, you’d have to ask yourself, “Is what I’ve been doing up until this point really working for me?” Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 65, learning to put your money to work for you as a skill that could benefit anyone.

So if this brief overview got you thinking for even just a second of what life could look like in just a few months, if this actually worked, then I want you to give back to the person that sent you this video and let them know that you are ready to get started.

And don’t worry, we know this is something brand new for you. So yes, we’ll be here to help. No, you don’t have to do any research and you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.

what is binary options

what is binary options

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