What Is Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing


What is network marketing. Network marketing is a business model that is based around simply making recommendations. Instead of paying for billions of dollars in advertising like the big name brands do. Network Marketing companies pay that money to it’s distributers and customer advocates. Plus, it saves them money in the long run. Network marketing today is way different from the MLM companies of yesteryear that got banned by the FTC. Todays network marketing companies are following the rules by being product based. Meaning a majority of their revenue comes from product sales and not from enrolling of new distributors. The world has changed and so has the networking companies of the past.


what is network marketing

Most allow for promotion on social media which was unheard of just a few years ago. But how do you explain what network marketing is to a family member, friend or prospect you meet at the grocery store. Simple try this out next time.


A Good Story About Network Marketing


So think of it like this, there’s a new movie coming out. You go watch the movie, take your family, go buy a ticket to the movie. Of course, you got to stop off at the concession stand. You get the $7 cup of Coke, the 4.50 cup of popcorn for each person in your family, then you go watch the movie. Well, after you watched the movie, you go back home and your brother-in-law happens to be sitting on the front step, wondering where you’ve been because you were going to cook him dinner. Well, while you’re talking to, and you say, “Hey, I just saw this great movie down at the movie theater, and you can’t not see the movie.”

So he goes, watches the movie, but before he goes into the theater he buys him a large Coke and a large bucket of popcorn. While he’s sitting in the movie, he’s like, “Hey, they forgot to feed me dinner.” But he forgets all about that because the movie is so good. Well, the next day at the office, when he’s doing what he does best, which is guarding the water cooler, he’s talking to a couple of his coworkers. And he says, “Hey, I saw this awesome movie last night. You just got to go see it.” Well that night, all his coworkers, there was like three or four of them, they go watch the movie, buy their ticket. And of course they have to get their large Cokes and large popcorn to watch the movie.

Well would you know that the movie theater doesn’t make much money on the actual ticket. Where they make their money is selling their $7 cup of Coke that they paid 90 cents for. So, do you think the movie theater owner came to your house and said, “Here’s a check. Thanks for telling those people to come see the movie.” Nope. They didn’t do that, and they won’t, or will a restaurant you recommend, or a car dealership that you recommend. But in network marketing you can get paid simply by promoting products, services, or opportunities that you like.

That’s basically what network marketing is.  It is simple to get started in network marketing.  If you want to get started without having to deal with a learning curve.  My team and I can get you started fast as you could be earning your first commission as soon as today.

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what is network marketing



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